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What Arnaum offersWhat Arnaum offers

Are you seeking alternative options in your parenting?

Are previous methods and actions not creating the outcomes you desire?

Arnaum’s intention is to assist you in finding the most appropriate parenting skills that will help you to create and maintain a balanced happy family.

With a wealth of personal and professional experience, Arnaum offers a variety of options, techniques and guidance to assist parents in creating their personal, conscious parenting style.

A conscious parent is able to form a loving, supportive connection with their child in all areas of their development.

Through compassionate, motivating counselling and HNLP techniques she addresses family dynamics and life issues.

Arnaum offers a confidential, nurturing environment which contributes to her clients’ well being.

Sessions are available in Arnaum’s consulting room or your family home.

Private one on one or couple consultations

Group seminars

HNLP (Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Programming) for individuals seeking powerful healing changes that become evident in daily living, enhancing communication skills and emotional control.

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