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Age Isn't An Issue

Whether it's a newborn not settling or a teen rebelling against the world,
Arnaum has you covered.


The Power of Words

Bringing everyone to the table both in actions and words


Parenting Solutions

Coaching and support for creating harmonious and effective families.


What I Offer

Over 30 years experience guiding families


Whether it's a newborn not settling or a teen rebelling against the world, I have you covered


One-on-One sessions to address you and your family's needs

Keynote Speaking

I provide informative, inspirational presentations


Inspiring parents to discover joy & direction on their parenting journey

My gift is enabling parents to feel nurtured, supported, and secure in their parenting, creating more lightness, love, fun, and connection with their children.

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What I Offer

One-on-One | Parenting Solutions | Arnaum Walkley


I enjoy face to face sessions with the families I work with. If you live on the Sunshine Coast I am available for sessions in my home office, or via Zoom.

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Keynote Speaking | Parenting Solutions | Arnaum Walkley

Keynote Speaking

I am a thought leader in the effective engagement of families seeking solutions to difficult situations. My aim is to inspire and inform.
Talk to me today!

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The Power of Words | Parenting Solutions | Arnaum Walkley

Ongoing Support

I provide support when you need it the most. Private community, group sessions and ongoing hints and tips.
I have your back.

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Ages & Issues

It is beneficial to have awareness about the stages of a child’s development. This assists a parent in having realistic and respectful expectations of a child’s emotional, mental, and physiological behaviour.

With this awareness a parent can support and guide the wholeness of their child through disruptive times, using intentional dialogue and loving action. It can also enhance and encourage your child’s understanding of their feelings and how to express them safely.

Birth to Two

  • ‘Settling in’ – assisting the new parent in adapting to a new relationship and situation
  • Breastfeeding Education and Support
  • Sleep Management
  • ‘Nourishing your Child’ – introduction to solids
  • Growth and Development

Two to Five

  • Eating Issues
  • Toilet Training
  • Understanding Behavioural Challenges
  • Adapting to New Sibling
  • ‘Stepping out into the world with Confidence’ – help your child socialise

Five +

  • Communication and Listening Skills
  • Assist in guiding your child into the ‘Big’ world of school and the community
  • Creating contracts that guide and empower the whole family


  • How to ride the rollercoaster
  • The transition from Parent to Coach
  • Healthy boundaries, focusing on nurturing respect and responsibility
  • How to communicate with your Teenager so everyone feels acknowledged, respected, and heard

The Power of Words

Some parents find themselves questioning their abilities as a parent. They may feel parenting ‘should’ be a natural process, but this is a fallacy. I acknowledge parents’ and children’s needs and can assist you in increasing your parental self-esteem which will enhance you in your parenting and your life.

Discover how to create healthy equilibrium in the balancing act of life/work/self and parenting.

I encourage conscious parenting, by respecting parents’ and children’s identities and individual needs. I acknowledge the many different emotions and the steep learning curves that parents experience.

Experiences of our own childhood can have a profound effect on how we parent our children and communicate with our partners. Developing self-awareness will assist parents in becoming conscious and empowered, utilising new skills, and learning ways to express themselves in a loving, constructive way. This will assist in raising a self-aware, confident child.

There is no ‘one‘ way to parent as we are all unique individuals as are each of our children.

Parenting is an opportunity for self-reflection and taking the lead to heal wounds from childhood and past experiences.

• Obtain skills to heal and evolve into the parent you choose to be.

• Identify and eliminate unwanted behaviours that interfere with you enjoying your children.

Client Testimonials

Arnaum has helped me accept my uniqueness as a parent, and to honour and respect my own parenting style, regardless of what the world around me may be telling me. I have learned to stick with what my instincts tell me and to understand that this is indeed an excellent guidance system that gives me genuine information about what works in my family. In a world where there is an enormous amount of information available about parenting, I felt lucky to have access to it, but also at times confused by the amount of it. In working with Arnaum, I feel relieved that I have come to realise that ultimately I can trust myself to take right action.

GinaMother of 6 Year Old

My son Beau was 20 months when I spoke with Arnaum about how to gently get him to settle by himself at bed time. Arnaum’s confidence he and I would be able to do it along with her gentle strategy help us enormously. Beau has been happily going to sleep in his own room on his own for many months now and I feel it has given Beau confidence and made our family life at bed time a whole lot more relaxed. Thank you Arnaum!

Leah & Beau

Being first time parents, Arnaum Walkley has been so much more than a parenting Counsellor to us. From help with breastfeeding to toilet training advice with easy to implement tips and ideas that WORK! She has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of parenting, delivered in an understanding and caring way.

Parents of Josh2 Years Old

‘’I completed a 4 session block with Arnaum and found the information that was passed on invaluable.
I was a yelling mum and it really was not servicing us well. Arnaum taught me other ways to get what I needed out of my son.
A lot of the practices we still use daily. I still yell but no where near as much. It also bought my husband and I back onto the same team as a united front.
Thanks Arnaum you are a wealth of knowledge and we are grateful for the tools you have taught us to keep
In our toolbox x’’


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