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This is an opportunity to touch base with me so I can find the best way to support you and your needs. To create a connection that will assist you in being heard and your issues acknowledged. Then together we can organise a bespoke program just for you and your family.



Distance is not an Issue

I am based on the Sunshine Coast at Sunrise Beach. If the distance is an issue, home visits are available – we can develop a solution to meet your personal needs and circumstances. I am also available through Zoom and Messenger video calls.

Each Situation is Unique, So are You

It is not my intention to tell you how to parent your child as each family is unique. I honour and respect each family’s relationships. My intention is to offer, support, information, communication tools, and some great tried and tested parenting techniques.

Get off the Merry-Go-Round Now

Are your parenting techniques not working for you? Have your life and circumstances changed, and have you found yourselves in a new space and state of mind? My years of life experience and working with, families have provided me with many empowering tried and true tools that I can share with you to make the changes and find the peace of mind you desire.

Changing Old Habits into Workable Solutions

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water, but focus on what is working for you, what your strengths and joys are, and nurture them. I like to focus on creating a firm foundation of values and beliefs, as when the foundations of a family are strong, we have so much to build on.

Program Packages

I offer 3 different programs that give parents the opportunity to choose what best suits their needs. Each package can be tailored to your specific needs.

All packages can be experienced through Zoom or in person with me on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Please contact me for more details by filling out our contact form or calling me directly at #0417 876 455.

  • 4 Sessions
  • Held over a 2-month period
  • 1st Session – 1.5 hours, getting to know each other & focus on what you desire to change and enhance in your family life
  • Following 3 sessions – 1 hour each, coaching and support
  • Includes a complimentary call and various handouts
  • 8 Sessions
  • Held over a 2-3 month period
  • 1st session – 1.5 hours, getting to know each other and focus on what you desire to change and enhance in your family life
  • Followed up with 7 sessions – 1 hour, coaching and support
  • Includes two complimentary calls and various handouts to assist you in changing old patterns
  • 12 Sessions
  • Held over a 3-6 month period depending on the growth and changes desired
  • This powerful and nurturing package will make life-changing shifts in your family’s energies and behaviour
  • You will have the opportunity to move into an intimate and heart-held space with me as you and your family shed old pains and learn new loving, peaceful, harmonious values and behaviours

* Payment options are available

Client Testimonials

Arnaum has helped me accept my uniqueness as a parent, and to honour and respect my own parenting style, regardless of what the world around me may be telling me. I have learned to stick with what my instincts tell me and to understand that this is indeed an excellent guidance system that gives me genuine information about what works in my family. In a world where there is an enormous amount of information available about parenting, I felt lucky to have access to it, but also at times confused by the amount of it. In working with Arnaum, I feel relieved that I have come to realise that ultimately I can trust myself to take right action.

GinaMother of 6 Year Old

My son Beau was 20 months when I spoke with Arnaum about how to gently get him to settle by himself at bed time. Arnaum’s confidence he and I would be able to do it along with her gentle strategy help us enormously. Beau has been happily going to sleep in his own room on his own for many months now and I feel it has given Beau confidence and made our family life at bed time a whole lot more relaxed. Thank you Arnaum!

Leah & Beau

Being first time parents, Arnaum Walkley has been so much more than a parenting Counsellor to us. From help with breastfeeding to toilet training advice with easy to implement tips and ideas that WORK! She has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of parenting, delivered in an understanding and caring way.

Parents of Josh2 Years Old

‘’I completed a 4 session block with Arnaum and found the information that was passed on invaluable.
I was a yelling mum and it really was not servicing us well. Arnaum taught me other ways to get what I needed out of my son.
A lot of the practices we still use daily. I still yell but no where near as much. It also bought my husband and I back onto the same team as a united front.
Thanks Arnaum you are a wealth of knowledge and we are grateful for the tools you have taught us to keep
In our toolbox x’’