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Arnaum has helped me accept my uniqueness as a parent, and to honour and respect my own parenting style, regardless of what the world around me may be telling me. I have learned to stick with what my instincts tell me and to understand that this is indeed an excellent guidance system that gives me genuine information about what works in my family. In a world where there is an enormous amount of information available about parenting, I felt lucky to have access to it, but also at times confused by the amount of it. In working with Arnaum, I feel relieved that I have come to realise that ultimately I can trust myself to take right action.

Gina, Mother of 6 year old.


My son Beau was 20 months when I spoke with Arnaum about how to gently get him to settle by himself at bed time. Arnaum’s confidence he and I would be able to do it along with her gentle strategy help us enormously. Beau has been happily going to sleep in his own room on his own for many months now and I feel it has given Beau confidence and made our family life at bed time a whole lot more relaxed. Thank you Arnaum!

Leah and Beau


My Angel Supernanny Testimonial

You can imagine how surprised I was when I found out that I was carrying twins!  People always say “Double Trouble”....but I just thought I was blessed with double love!

This is when my life starting getting harder when the boys turned almost two. I had one child that was easy going and other one that I didn’t know how to control his tantrum.

Just to explain some of the tantrums that my husband and I were facing on a daily basis. We found that whenever Michael didn’t get things his way.... He would through himself to the ground and constantly bang his head on the hard floor or walls and screaming continuously with tears, this would happen throughout the day. He would also act like this with some carers at his childcare centre. Every time I had left him with other people he would start running for the door, and start screaming and banging the door. I found leaving him was very hard and my heart would race with fear!

You could imagine how I would react, really didn’t know how to control him from reacting like this, I was constantly feeling negative, hopeless and felt I was failing as mother, and being constantly judged by other especially in public. My husband and I  relationship was starting to show fine cracks and being on different levels about numerous ways of dealing with him....we both didn’t know where to turn next, cause everyone’s advise was “they are only kids and that we need to have patients” and doctors wouldn’t even show any real interest.

Until one day, I came across this brochure stating “Adelaide’s Own Supernanny” solutions for everyday family problems by Arnaum Walkley – Parenting Solutions. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was a blessing of hope that my angels were listening to my prayers. I had phoned her to explain what my husband and I have been dealing with and she suggested for us to come together for a one on one counselling about our family situation. We were given some practical tools that made a huge difference to our family and suggestions that would be helpful the next time Michael has his tantrum.

We are so glad that we met Arnaum she has played a huge role in our lives, she has given back to me my confidence as a mother, wife and friend and always available in assisting us in skill development and finding always new ways in problem solving. She had really helped us to re-educate our thinking and to understand more of the little ones. Our relationship skills have improved tremendously between me and my partner and of course my kids. With Arnaum years of experience and expertise she really understands what’s happening and why, I call her my “Angel Supernanny” Since my friends have seen a huge change in Michael friends and family are now ringing asking me for the number of  my Angel Supernanny for their troubled love ones. It’s good to know that your friends believe in you and just want the same things as I did. Thank you so much my Angel!

Kind regards Lina


Being first time parents, Arnaum Walkley has been so much more than a parenting Counsellor to us. From help with breastfeeding to toilet training advice with easy to implement tips and ideas that WORK!  She has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of parenting, delivered in an understanding and caring way.

Parents of Josh Holt 2yrs old


I have found working on my issues with Arnaum Walkley helped me to overcome the struggles I’ve been having in communicating with my teenage son. I hadn’t realised just how much my own unresolved emotional conflicts (unknown to me up until my first visit) had somehow become the underlying influence that made communication so difficult. I had thought that I was going to Arnaum to help me deal with my difficult child; I thought he was the problem, but now I realise how, as a mother, I can unconsciously affect the behaviour of my children.

I have found results after only a few sessions, and now I know that if I make a change in myself, even a little, everyone that I have relationships with will benefit. And they have! The ‘work’ was not hard at all; mostly it entails looking at oneself and finding out, with Arnaum’s skill, where the small and larger wounds of life lie covered and how with a little training a whole new possibility is revealed. These past wounds are not always easy to revisit, I usually don’t like to reveal myself to strangers especially when I am in my emotions, however I felt very nourished and comforted by her in the process. I shall return for more sessions as I’ve found a fascination in the discovery of myself that make me clearer about who I am and what I want in life, and this is very interesting and exciting to me. I’m encouraged by the results I’m experiencing, and want to tell everyone how thrilled I’ve been to have met Arnaum.

With Thanks, Wendy.


I was recommended to see Arnaum because I didn’t know what to do about the disturbing nightmares I was having. There were times where they were unbearable and I was afraid to sleep at night. Arnaum was really open and understanding about these dreams and it was interesting because we unraveled them together, which gave me a deeper understanding about fears I was having. The disentangling of these nightmares resulted in an acceptance of deeper fears and feelings I was holding on to. I have struggled with self esteem issues in the past but thought I was past this. Arnaum got me to understand what the main issues were through communication and special techniques (HNLP). I loved that I could use my imagination and the different methods were enjoyable. Comparing Arnaum’s assistance to the help of counselors or physiologists in the past I can now really understand that helping myself can be an enjoyable thing and something that doesn’t have to be depressing. Spending time with Arnaum was like unraveling or peeling back layers of my past in an easy and stress free way. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Usually after treatments with her I felt airy like I had gotten rid of a heavy stress and I could move on in my day happier and more content with myself.

I’ve always had a huge phobia of spiders; it began at a young age and grew to something quite ridiculous and out of hand. I found myself looking around rooms in a paranoid state, in case there could be one around. Arnaum lessened my fear, I still think about them occasionally and I will never love them, but I am more comfortable now and I don’t think about it as much.

I feel better in myself because of seeing her. I encourage people to be open to this type of process. It is not like your talking to a stranger you feel listened to and warm to her quickly.

Love Anonymous

Arnaum Walkley

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