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Some parents find themselves questioning their abilities as a parent. They may feel parenting ‘should’ be a natural process, but this is a fallacy. Arnaum acknowledges parents and children’s needs, and can assist in increasing parental self esteem to enhance you in your parenting role.

Discover how to create healthy equilibrium in the balancing act of life/work/self and parenting.

Arnaum encourages conscious parenting, respecting parents and children’s identities and individual needs. She acknowledges the many different emotions and the steep learning curves that parents experience.

Experiences of our own childhood can have a profound effect on how we parent our children, and communicate with our partners. Developing self awareness will assist parents in becoming conscious and empowered, utilising new skills and learning ways to express themselves in a loving, constructive way. This will assist in raising a self aware, confident child.
There is no ‘one‘way to parent as we are all unique individuals as are each of our children.

Parenting is an opportunity for self reflection and taking the lead to heal wounds from childhood and past experiences.

  • Obtain skills to heal and evolve into the parent you choose to be.
  • Identify and eliminate unwanted behaviours that interfere with you enjoying your children.

Relax into your parenting role with confidence and remember your sense of humour.

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