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About HNLPAbout HNLP

HNLP stands for Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Programming.

HUMANISTIC: Focus on Spiritual Wellbeing.

NEURO: Is how the brain functions to take in information and utilise it best.

LINGUISTIC: Is how we use language to structure and enrich our experiences.

PROGRAMMING: Is how we create useful habits, and have the ability to transform our lives to build success.

HNLP is a powerful tool to assist people in making the changes in their lives that they may have struggled with in the past. It is a wonderful process that offers an opportunity to create clarity in communication and to have more emotional control and choices in their lives; to take action and neutralise past events.

HNLP assists people in rebuilding their identity and sense of self, and creating an awareness that offers alternatives in changing situations and moving forward with clarity and confidence.

  • Have more emotional control and choices in how you choose to react.
  • Access subconscious information, and clear old patterns and limiting beliefs that do not serve you.
  • Heal and neutralise childhood issues.
  • Identify and eliminate unwanted behaviours.
  • Utilise new resources to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • An opportunity to create clarity in your communication and enhance your listening skills.
  • Harness the power of your words.


Experiences of one’s own childhood can have a profound effect on how you parent your child. HNLP can assist in developing self awareness and taking responsibility for what are unhealed issues from childhood. Some parents can experience feeling stuck and frustrated in unconscious patterns of behaviour that may cause feelings of guilt and shame. These feelings can lead to behaving in ways that they said they never would.

Be the parent and leader your children deserve.

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